With nearly 60 employees, dtm Datentechnik Moll GmbH is the largest limited liability company within the group. The core competency of the company is high-quality installation of cable systems and complete it infrastructure solutions for data centers. With our network cabling experts, we cover the requirements of copper and optical fiber cabling completely. In addition to installation, measurement and troubleshooting services, we prepare IT manuals, expert opinions and concepts for grounding & bonding. The range of services of dtm is complemented by the sale of SIC‘s developments in the domain of 19“ it server rack and enclosure systems (e.g. electrical enclosure box). The distribution of the DCM tool "Vaiking" is also an integral part of the business model. Maximum customer satisfaction, flexibility and quality are important principles of our 40-year tradition and provide the basis for our selection of components and it infrastructure services.


Building audits
Installation: Data centers, offices and industry
Measuring technology (copper & optical fiber)
Media technology
Review of data networks
Maintenance of passives infrastructures

Specialist for passive IT infrastructures solutions

  • First-class, innovative & individual solutions
  • International standards
  • Safe investments (network - life cycle 15+ years)
  • Continuous cooperation with market leaders and standardization boards
  • In-house product innovations
  • More than 55 years of experience

Assembly quality for your cabling and data center

Installation service of complex IT-Infrastructures all over Europe

  • Assembly of complete data centers in industry and office buildings
  • Trained und certificated staff
  • Regular trainings
  • Regular maintenance of our machines and measuring instruments
  • Clearly defined responsibilities in all working areas

Assembly of cabinet systems and containments

Fachgerechter Aufbau von Etagenverteilern: Aufbau von Schrankreihen mit Dachkonstruktionen (Einhausung), Kalt-und Warmlufttrennung plus dem passenden Brandpräventionskonzept und Löschtechnik

Professional implementation of floor distributors: Assebly of cabinet rows with roof constructions (containment), seperated cold and warm air with the suitable fire prevention concept and extinguishing techniques

Office cabling

Wether it is renovation or new construction: with qualified employees and patented cable management and laying system we create state of the art IT infrastructures.


Missing or outdated network connections, slow server access and unstable WiFi?

In many companies, public authorities or schools, networks have become somewhat outdated and can no longer meet the ever-increasing demands of the digital world. The responsible employees often do not know where to start when modernizing the infrastructure and which standards and regulations must be observed. This is exactly where the network audit of the dtm group comes in. Network experts and VdS recognized GIV experts (building infrastructure cabling) obtain an overview of the existing infrastructure by means of an on-site inspection and the examination of existing documents. Based on the findings they develop individual concepts for a standard-compliant and future-proof upgrading of the network.


Check existing data networks and, based on current standards:

  • Assess and measure the network components
  • Assess the installation of the network components
  • Assess the existing equipotential bonding
  • Assessment of influences from other trades
  • Recommendations for upgrading to increase performance
  • Write detailed expertise


Assessment of the data network - installed components and execution of the installation on construction site:

  • Inspection of the installations on construction site
  • execution of test measurements
  • Writing a detailed expertise with pointing out possibilities for upgrading

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what distinguishes us?

- Years of experience in
   passive network technology

- Member of the DKE
   (German and European)

- Detailed knowledge of the
   current and future

- Employees are VDS and GIV

The latest measurement 

Maintaining performance and preventing expensive IT network failures

Servers and control technology as well as network components and the associated cabling are the most important components of data centres, extensive, future-proof IT infrastructures, and modern production facilities. To avoid failures of these components data and network cabinets and the associated cabling should be regularly checked, maintained, and digitally documented – always in line with compliance requests. For this purpose, the dtm group offers a professional, manufacturer-neutral cabinet maintenance,  including periodical tests of mobile devices according to DGUV V3, check of the locking system as well as the evaluation of correct fire protection, energy supply, and temperature control.


Media technology

We implement all of your media technology, from structured cabling to full service.

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