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Integrated data center solutions

Today's data center architectures are subject to many different requirements. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center solutions to meet your specific requirements and be able to implement a complete solution for you.

We plan projects not only in line with the latest state of network technology but also with a non-proprietary approach and precisely according to our customers' requirements. We support our customers in every phase from determination of requirements or 3D planning through product selection to the final statement of work for bid invitations. We utilize AutoCAD to prepare office and data center designs in 2D and 3D according to the latest BIM standards. Our in-house experts reinvent the most flexible IT rack systems again and again and design special solutions for small tailor-made series.

This makes our systems stand out

The floor-mounted rack and the it server rack provide the basis for the dtm containment system. It can be flexibly configured to any room layout with standardized components and increases the energy efficiency of a data center substantially. The return on investment is usually less than 3 years.




The space-saving and flexible design of it racks and cabinets makes them suitable for installation of active components or a passive infrastructure. The small width provides better utilization of space, for example, in data center technology. Nevertheless the small width does not involve any restrictions in lateral cable management system.



Numerous extension options up to a depth of 1195 mm and the possibility of migrating to a self-contained data cabinet make our systems suitable for all-round use offering maximum flexibility (tier 3 data center, tier 4 data center, etc.). Versatility and high quality ensure long-term use since the system can adjust to changing requirements and therefore offers optimum protection for your investment.



The systems are under permanent further development. The development of a consistent cold/hot aisle partition for data centers has been completed. In this respect, the cable management factors match perfectly with the cold/hot aisle concept since, for example, patch cables are routed via the integrated cable troughs in the cold aisle.

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