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What does 'IT infrastructure' mean?

The concept of 'IT infrastructure' subsumes all trades and disciplines required as a basis for the operation of modern IT equipment within an organization and which make it possible to process digital media. It comprises workstations and IP telephones as well as generic cable systems such as patch and network cables, the complete network equipment and server hardware.

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A suitable rack and containment system is required

In addition to the more obvious IT areas, an IT infrastructure strategy also includes components such as it server rack and containment systems, power supplies and UPS as well as air conditioning and fire extinguishing systems, for example, in a data center infrastructure. The dtm group supplies a coordinated complete solution for all equipment and services from a single source.

Individual managed it solutions using modular systems

Installation of high-grade network technology, components, connectors and cables according to the latest technological standard has been the core competency of our company since the foundation of the dtm group. Our current product range includes both copper and optical fiber cables for requirements of all kinds including, for example, Cat6 patch cables, Ethernet LAN patch cables or straightforward copper cables.

Safe network technology

More efficiency with our servers and systems

The right connections

All cable components linked with each other in a productive way

Systematic cable management system

The patented cable management system is unique in its design. It allows well arranged cable routing without additional cable troughs between it server racks. This practical it system saves you hidden costs, substantially facilitating any conversion activities and everyday patching operations. A particularly wide cable mounting panel in the rack accommodates up to 24 data cable systems in parallel per layer. In this way, you can utilize a rack unit completely. This ensures clearly arranged and proper and structured cabling, facilitates troubleshooting and ensures orderly cabling at maximum quality.